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Ever wanted to do an escape room but could not convince your friends or family to do one with you? Look no further! Breakout Studios is now offering the Hacker of Silicon Valley as a public experience. In this event, you'll be able to experience everything the Hacker of Silicon Valley has to offer, alongside 1 to 6 other players. 


Silicon Valley is attracting some of the smartest engineers from around the globe, who are working on innovative solutions that are changing the world.


One such person has become known as “The Hacker of Silicon Valley” for creating advanced solutions. The real identity of this hacker is only known by a few.


The Hacker of Silicon Valley has gone missing in the future. It’s believed that the hacker has made a major breakthrough that could change the world; and many foreign organizations are determined to steal the work.

Your mission is to travel two years into the future to the hacker’s last secret hideout, find the encrypted code, communicate with the hacker, and upload the work to the company that owns it and will use it for the greater good of humanity.

You have 60 minutes to complete this mission

San Jose

2 to 7 Players

60 Minutes

Level 5: Hard

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